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Founded in 2011, ASUSTOR Inc. was established via direct investment from ASUSTeK Computer Inc. The ASUSTOR brand name was created as a portmanteau of “ASUS” and “Storage”. ASUSTOR is a leading innovator and provider of private cloud storage (NAS – network attached storage) and video surveillance (network video recorder) solutions, also specializing in the development and integration of related firmware, hardware and applications. We are devoted to providing the world with an unparalleled user experience and the most complete set of network storage solutions possible.

Why choose ASUSTOR NAS?

Designed with an App-based concept

In the past a NAS was a network device that protected and ensured data security by providing storage and backup. It was primarily targeted to and used by business users. However, due to the increasing digitization of data and the continual development of computers and mobile devices, the needs for storage are no longer just limited to businesses. A variety of different consumer segments are beginning to have increasing digital storage needs. In response to this, ASUSTOR has utilized a new and innovative non-traditional design concept to create a new generation of network storage devices.

ASUSTOR is the first to create NAS products that are designed with an App-based concept, producing a versatile, flexible and customizable storage platform that has something to offer to all types of users. Users are free to create a unique and customized device according to their needs. In addition to the core storage features, ASUSTOR NAS offers an immense range of add-on functionality allowing users to discover the unlimited possibilities of NAS.

Advantages of an App-based design concept:

WOW (Wake on WAN) - Always on Standby

Want to access the data on your NAS at any time, but worried that leaving it powered on for a long period of time will result in costly power bills, wear and tear on your hard disks and NAS or that you will become the target of hackers?

ASUSTOR is the first vendor in the NAS industry to offer Wake on Wan support on the AS63/64 series easing all of the doubts mentioned above!

WOW (Wake on WAN) allows you to enable all NAS services via the Internet, providing added flexibility for powering on/off the NAS. This allows you to save power, extend the life of your NAS and hard disks, and lower your chances of being randomly hacked, ensuring data security.

Rich variety of functions

NAS solutions have come into focus in recent years because of their software. The openness of the Linux operating system that many NAS devices are based on has spurred many enthusiastic users to contribute and develop applications and functions for NAS. With people growing more accustomed to the intuitive interfaces of their mobile devices, ASUSTOR has decided to transfer over this same intuitive experience when developing ADM. In addition to basic system functions users can use App Central to search for add-on applications to install on the NAS. Like Google Play or App Store for mobile devices, App Central provides a variety of Apps for ADM, free of charge. The large variety of App categories, easy to use interface and one-click installation make it simple for even entry-level users to use.

Although a NAS’s functions are based primarily on backup and storage, ASUSTOR NAS was designed with customizability in mind, providing a variety of functions via App Central that users can use to customize their device. For example, ASUSTOR’s unique HDMI hardware feature can be used in combination with ASUSTOR Portal and Multimedia App to turn your NAS into a dedicated digital entertainment hub. Users can also install Surveillance Center to create a surveillance system with video feeds that are viewable on their TV via HDMI. All this is possible and more with ASUSTOR NAS.

Cross platform file access

ASUSTOR NAS devices provide seamless cross-platform file sharing, allowing you to easily connect to your NAS device no matter if you are using Windows, Mac OS, or Unix-like operating systems. ASUSTOR NAS also features Cloud Connect technology for convenient remote access. Cloud Connect gives you an easy to remember hostname that you can use to connect to your NAS from anywhere. No matter if you are far from home, on your mobile device or at work, all you need is your simple hostname to instantly connect to your NAS.

ASUSTOR also provides added security for remote connections with all mobile apps featuring HTTPS encrypted connection options and passcode lock, ensuring for a safe NAS experience. Furthermore, ASUSTOR is the only vendor in the industry to provide NAS system initialization via mobile devices. This means that users can complete setup of their NAS system using only their mobile device, providing a type of convenience that no other NAS on the market can match.

Flexible capacity expansion

90% of NAS devices on the market do not come with hard disks included. After purchasing a NAS users must also purchase hard disks, with the type of hard disks depending on their storage needs. Once storage space starts to fill up and the disks you started with are not enough, you can utilize ASUSTOR’s online capacity expansion function to upgrade to higher capacity hard disks. Online capacity expansion means that you can easily swap out all your old disks for higher capacity ones without turning off your NAS. During the capacity expansion process, while your data is being transferred over to the new disks, you will still be able to access everything on the NAS. Moreover, you can also use the MyArchive function to create an unlimited number of MyArchive hard disks, effectively achieving unlimited expansion.

Convenient system migration

An advantage of purchasing an ASUSTOR NAS is that it supports seamless system migration. With system migration, when it’s time to move your storage volumes to a new ASUSTOR NAS system, simply take out your existing hard drives and then insert them into the new system. The new system should be up and running instantly. This function is especially convenient for business users who can upgrade their NAS as the scale of their business expands.

Energy efficiency

ASUSTOR has developed its NAS products with stability and energy efficiency in mind, in order to help users save on their power costs. Power saving features in each ASUSTOR NAS device include ErP, power scheduling, internal and external hard disk hibernation, system sleep mode, night mode LED power controls and flexible sleep mode deployment where the time interval where the system is able to enter into sleep mode can be configured. The MyArchive function can also be used to save on energy costs as hard disks that are not in use can be taken out and stored instead of always being plugged in. Moreover, ASUSTOR NAS also features the fastest wake times from system sleep mode S3 in the industry. All ASUSTOR NAS device can wake from sleep mode within 1.5 seconds, providing extreme efficiency while not affecting the productivity of businesses.