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Operating as a Value Added Distributor and trusted advisor to the ecosystem of ICT System Integrators, resellers and partners, GCC Hellas promotes solutions and services in Security and Networks, across several sectors and companies in the Greek and Cypriot market.The company’s team of industry experts is dedicated to providing the right solution with expertise in network & security, data centres infrastructure and professional services to organizations of all sizes.
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We fulfil and exceed ICT partners’ needs and requirements by providing highest quality, innovative and competitive solutions and services.

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To deliver exceptional value to our partners.

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We put our partners at the centre of everything we do honouring their trust.

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The Internet is being restitched with newer architectures, to deliver newer services in e-commerce, content, gaming, fintech, and many other fields. The new technology transitions are led by Cloud, Mobile edge computing, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) etc. These net centric services and their delivery will need next-gen routing architectures that are flexible, agile and resilient.

Arista has pioneered application of cloud networking principles of scale-out, simplify, software-driven networking. Routing transformations based on these principles are delivered on Arista’s 7280R/R2/R3 Universal Leaf as well as 7500R/R2/R3, 7800R3 Universal Spine platforms, powered by Arista EOS® and CloudVision®. Customers can leverage these platforms for roles that require high performance routing, combined with high port density and deep buffers, integrated DWDM with wirespeed encryption managed via cloud automation, which legacy router platforms are not able to offer.

Arista's portfolio benefits

  • A choice of high performance platforms from Arista’s market leading 100G/400G portfolio for variety of use cases – Controller based traffic engineering, peering, business VPNs, core routing, and more
  • Lower OpEx by leveraging native programmability and DevOps workflow integration for consistent automation for compute and networking deployments
  • A consistent operational model across multiple PICs (Place in the cloud), whether it is in peering, edge, data center or WAN interconnect. The consistent operational model is delivered via single EOS image across all platforms and CloudVision to help deliver modern automation, compliance, telemetry and analytics

Arista Routing solutions cater to a wide variety of use cases for Cloud, Service Provider and Enterprises. Highlights include:

  • Support for up to 2M+ Routes in hardware, with Arista FlexRoute™ engine and EOS NetDBTM on R-series platforms, with best-in-class Route convergence
  • Innovations in Security and Observability with Arista Algorithmic Match include accelerated sFlow, at high density 100G/ 400G, ACL scale, IPv6, and Wirespeed encryption with MACSEC at 100Gbps across all ports
  • Support for various tunneling technologies including VXLAN, MPLS, GRE, MPLSoGRE etc and programmable traffic steering
  • Support for MPLS – LDP, Segment Routing, RSVP Traffic Engineering, EPE with BGP Labeled Unicast (BGP LU) and BGP Link State (BGP LS)
  • Support for various Network Virtualization solutions such as BGP EVPN for variety of use cases including Data Center, Data Center Interconnects, WAN (L3VPN, L2VPN, EVPN VPWS) and Multicast (EVPN Multicast)
  • To enable devops/ transport-ops, EOS provides object based models with OpenConfig, Go, Python and Ruby, a REST-like interface using native CLI commands, native Go and Python on box scripting, ability to develop native high performance applications using EOS SDK as well as native Linux APIs and scripting
  • EOS NetDB provides real-time state streaming and analytics for live monitoring and historic forensic troubleshooting