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A Better Way to Segment Your Data Center and Cloud

Today’s enterprises utilize increasingly complex infrastructure requirements, from legacy systems and bare metal servers, to virtual machines, hybrid and multi-cloud technology, containers, micro services and serverless systems. Workloads are dynamic, shifting and scaling between different environments to support business demands. Thanks to virtualization and third-party integrations, the vast majority of traffic now moves inside the data center, East-West, rather than through the traditional external perimeter, North-South, a concept that has all but disappeared.

Securing this new reality is no easy feat. If attackers can move laterally through the data center, then it only takes one weak link, anywhere in the enterprise network, to put all customer data and business-critical assets at risk. To combat this, security teams have traditionally used multiple security solutions, such as firewalls and VLANs on-premises, and Security Groups or other native tools in the cloud. The latter are specific to cloud providers, so any multi-cloud environments would need to balance more than one set of controls.

Spend less. Save time. Lower risk.

The modernization of infrastructure goes hand in hand with a cultural shift that  rganizations have taken towards a DevOps mentality. Enterprises are looking for ways to become more flexible, more agile, make decisions at speed, and push out new features and fixes quicker than ever to meet customer demand and expectation. With this focus, organizations cannot afford for security to add complexity. There is an urgent need for one security solution that works anywhere, regardless of infrastructure. Security thought-leaders are increasingly pushing enterprises to adopt a Zero Trust model of security, where you provide applications, users and data only the access they need – and nothing more. According to a recent Forbes study, 90% of organizations identified by the survey as “cybersecurity trailblazers” (those with security highly integrated into their decision-making) would consider their Zero-Trust policies as a distinguishing feature of their leadership.

Guardicore Centra is the simplest, most flexible way to reduce risk and protect critical assets and applications in an enterprise, hybrid-cloud data center. It starts with a context-rich, historical and real-time map of the whole IT ecosystem, which is the foundation for building policy that works with the business rather than becomes a hurdle to innovation or success. A flexible policy engine automates security that is decoupled from the underlying infrastructure, allowing IT teams to segment and control access to critical applications, data and communications, wherever they are. Integration with breach detection and incident response creates one robust platform for security from end to end.

What Makes Guardicore the Best Segmentation Solution?

Guardicore Centra automatically discovers application dependencies and flows and generates a visual map to ensure a full understanding prior to applying segmentation policies.

Directly from the visual map, administrators can quickly build application and micro-segmentation policies based on automatically generated rule recommendations and historical context.

Guardicore Centra provides high-fidelity, in-context security incidents, with details on attacker tools and techniques, that help IR teams to prioritize incident investigation and reduce dwell time.

Process-level enforcement detects, alerts, and blocks unauthorized processes from accessing critical application components, reducing the attack surface and limiting lateral movements.

Guardicore in action!

Learn more about Segmentation Policies by watching the below short videos:


 Flexible Labeling

 Segmentation with Single Policy

 Whitelist vs. Blacklist Policy Models

 Environment Segmentation

 User-Based Rules

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