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Operating as a Value Added Distributor and trusted advisor to the ecosystem of ICT System Integrators, resellers and partners, GCC Hellas promotes solutions and services in Security and Networks, across several sectors and companies in the Greek and Cypriot market.The company’s team of industry experts is dedicated to providing the right solution with expertise in network & security, data centres infrastructure and professional services to organizations of all sizes.
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Centralized visibility to detect, investigate and respond to your most critical organization-wide cybersecurity threats

Security Operations Center (SOC) Monitoring and Response service is a managed SOC offering tasked with monitoring, managing and responding to suspicious behaviour in your IT Infrastructure. The service begins with data ingestion where information is collected from your IT infrastructure. The information collected passes through the main data analysis engine for correlation and enrichment of the information. A security risk score is assigned and finally a security analyst evaluates the information and makes a decision. Spectrum SOC Monitoring and Response is designed to enhance your existing security framework by increasing security visibility and minimise a breach impact by providing a reduced time to respond to security threats.

Benefits of Spectrum MSSP SIEM technology

1. Identify insider threats

Uncover suspicious user activity that may indicate compromised credentials or an insider threat.

2. Detect advanced threats

Piece together several seemingly low-risk events to find the one extremely high-risk cyber attack underway.

3. Uncover data exfiltration

Correlate exfiltration events, such as insertion of USBs, use of personal email services, unauthorized cloud storage or excessive printing.

4. Manage compliance

Manage regulatory risk for a variety of compliance mandates, such as GDPR, PCI, SOX, HIPAA and more.

5. Monitor OT and IOT security

Centralize monitoring for OT and IoT solutions to identify abnormal activity and potential threats.

Solutions of Spectrum MSSP SIEM technology

Gain visibility

Spectrum MSSP provides user behaviour analytics, application monitoring, network forensics and analytics, log management and compliance reporting and file integrity monitoring.

Visibility needs to go hand in hand with these advanced analytical to sustain and improve the defence of the wide attack surface in the ever-changing dynamic cyber battlefield.

Respond to threats

Our ability to take immediate and appropriate actions is a function of our expertise and knowledge of the threats combined with our understanding of the impact to your business.

Spectrum SIEM platform collects data from different technologies within your system. It monitors and analyses these data for deviations and possible security risks and allows Spectrum to take the appropriate action against those threats.

Monitor business services

Spectrum SIEM monitors entire business services and keep an eye out for anomalous activity or unusual behaviors, affecting organizations’ internal or external systems. This allows SIEM technology to monitor for security incidents across all connected users, devices, and applications while classifying abnormal behavior as it is detected in the network. Using customizable, predefined correlation rules, administrators can be alerted immediately and take appropriate actions to mitigate it before it materializes into more significant security issues.

Managed SOC

Spectrum SIEM utilizes the core technology of a Security Operations Center (SOC). This is the Spectrum dedicated team of security experts who are using advanced tools to thoroughly monitor your IT network infrastructure for threats, including those from malicious insiders.

Spectrum team ensures that you have the most advanced protection leveraging your existing tools and technologies across endpoint, network and cloud.


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Spectrum is a Managed Security Service offering, specially designed to set your IT troubles aside by providing the tools, knowledge, infrastructure, service, and flexibility you need, to keep your mind focused on creating value for your business and your customers.