Advanced threat and data protection for Microsoft® Office 365®, Gmail, and cloud file-sharing services

Trend Micro Cloud App Security

Trend Micro Cloud App Security is a new product which protects Office 365 email and file sharing.

It uses advanced techniques to find threats including

  • document exploit detection (aka. Advanced Threat Scan Engine, ATSE) – looks for malware hidden in office files (more later in the presentation)
  • Web reputation – examines URLs both in the body of email and within attachments (criminals are now sending phishing emails with a URL in the attachment to bypass security filters which only look at URLs in the message body)
  • True filetype blocking - looks at header information instead of just the file extension (criminals can change a .exe file to .jpg to fool the built in file blocking within Office 365)
  • Sandbox malware analysis – opens suspicious files in a virtual sandbox to observe actual behavior to find zero-day malware (i.e. malware which has never been seen before and not caught with pattern matching techniques)

Cloud App Security is completely delivered as a cloud service to protect Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business, and integrates directly with Office 365 using API’s.