Trend Micro Cloud One – Security for Cloud Infrastructure

With an exploding set of cloud infrastructure services and an increasing number of stakeholders involved in infrastructure and security decisions, the cloud has formed the perfect storm for security. In order to gain the benefits of the cloud and meet business objectives, cloud security needs to be made less complex.

Business requirements and DevOps processes demand faster application delivery, however, if you increase the speed of delivery, everything else must follow suit. For example, compliance, which changes based on industry, geography, and infrastructure, as well as protecting against evolving and increasingly sophisticated threat vectors.


Cloud One, a security services platform for cloud builders, delivers the broadest and deepest cloud security offering in one solution, enabling you to secure your cloud infrastructure with clarity and simplicity.

By considering your cloud projects and objectives holistically, Cloud One is able to provide powerful security, while you leverage all of the benefits and efficiencies the cloud offers your business. Comprised of multiple services designed to meet specific cloud security needs, Cloud One gives you the flexibility to solve your challenges today, and the innovation to evolve with your cloud services in the future.

You no longer have to find point products to meet the unique requirements of your infrastructure or work with the processes you’ve already implemented. With a comprehensive set of services, designed specifically for the cloud, Cloud One secures the different parts of your environment within one simple platform.

With support for all major cloud platforms, and solutions that integrate directly into your DevOps processes and toolchain, Cloud One is designed to provide the flexibility you need without slowing down your business or application delivery.

Why Cloud One?

Cloud One was created because of fundamental changes in the market towards cloud computing and an exploding set of cloud services that have introduced complex security needs. Organizations are facing a larger attack surface with increased pressures to reduce costs while increasing software and application design and deployment. Multiple teams are making infrastructure and security decisions, DevOps is facilitating the way we deliver software and store data, regulators are instituting broader more impactful compliance requirements, and security vendors are offering more and more tools that require specialty skills and can create roadblocks to better performance. With Trend Micro Cloud One, we provide a flexible, automated, and all-in-one security platform for organizations building in the cloud.

Cloud One includes the following services:

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Workload Security:

With support for all major cloud platforms, and solutions, secure data center, multi-cloud, and containers against vulnerabilities, malware, and unauthorized changes from one unified console.

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Application Security:

Secures modern cloud-native applications (e.g. serverless) APIs, and web application architectures from OWASP Top 10 runtime threats, blocking SQL injections and other automated attacks. Deep instrumentation protects attacks even at the application code level to identify the call stack, line number and vulnerability helping Developers mitigate threats fast.

Trend Micro Cloud One™ Network Security:

Protects VPCs at scale with active, actionable security deployed inline at the network layer. With IPS capabilities including ingress and egress traffic inspection, virtual patching and post compromise detection and disruption.

Trend Micro Cloud One™ Conformity:

Real-time visibility and security for cloud infrastructure through hundreds of automated checks using industry compliance standards and cloud security best practice rules for misconfigurations across your cloud infrastructure.

Trend Micro Cloud One™ Container Image Security:

Build pipeline security for cloud-native applications with automated integration and protection for container image and registry scanning against malware and vulnerabilities, as well as checks for secrets, keys, passwords, and compliance requirements.

Trend Micro Cloud One™ File Storage Security:

Securing cloud file/object storage services by malware scanning via the latest file reputation, variant protection, and machine learning technology.